Actually, very few people ask me these questions but I think they’re interesting trivia, so here we go!

Where do you live now?

What made you want to become an artist?
I want to make games. Games need art. I think of myself as a competent programmer, but then I’m a visual person. I like to create stuff that people can look at.

What kind of games do you play?
Platformers, sports and RPGs mostly. Currently a lot of Rocket League and Fifa.

What’s your favorite all time game?
I love the Jak and Daxter trilogy. I like the first one for the pretty environments and happy color palette. I like the second for the much darker turn in the story. The last one had more racing, jetboarding and guns. The end of the story was a bit confusing and left some questions unanswered, but it was just as dark as Jak II so I liked it.

You like dark stories?
Don’t we all? I like a story that makes you question your values, and feel uncomfortable thinking about what you would have done in that situation.

What kind of games do you dislike?
Anything horror-related. Also I’m terrible at FPS games, so I don’t play them much (I make exceptions for Bioshock Infinite and Borderlands).

Aside from games, what else do you like?
I like to read comics, watch anime or TV series, and I love football.

What’s your favorite team?
Arsenal FC.

What kind of comics?
Mostly graphic novels, because they are longer format and tend to have more of a variety in art styles, but I’ll take a good Marvel or DC comic any day.

So you don’t like reading?
I used to. But I’ve always been such a visual person so I spend time imagining the scenes in my head down to the last detail. Because of this, it takes too long for me to read. That’s why I prefer graphic novels.

That’s it for now. Hopefully you learned something interesting or new about me.